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Lube & Service

There is a difference between our oil change and the quick lube oil change. The first is price - we charge more. Why? Because you have a trusted mechanic looking over your car when you are getting an oil change with us. Our business model wasn't built on oil changes (we'd have to hire less qualified technicians and pay them less.) It is built on the skills and knowledge of our mechanics coupled with the honest, integral business practices. What we can and will do to help you keep the cost down: you "buy the groceries" (i.e. the oil and filter) and we are happy to do the work! For the cost of the labor, you get your oil change and still get that trusted set of eyes with knowledge and experience looking over your car.

Unexpected Vehicle Repairs

Unexpected repairs can be devastating on finances and family schedules. There is never a convenient time for your vehicle to break down. We strive to help our clients get the timeliest repairs for a competitive price.

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Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Repair & Service

ARI Approved Vendor

Fleet Service
Contract Maintenance
Full Rebuilding of Engines
DOT Vehicle Inspections
Vehicle & Equipment Accessory Installation

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is the key to keeping your car out of the shop!

Tune Ups

Fluid Services

Trip Inspections

Full Inspections

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